Friday, December 19, 2008

Load Wheel Inspection Tips

Load Wheels (also known as Load Rollers) and Load Wheel Brackets

Load wheel inspection-
Load wheels should not have flat spots or large pieces of metal imbedded in them (i.e. tacks, nails or metal shavings). Any chips in the wheel that keep it from rolling smoothly indicate the need for replacement. If the wheel has cracks, loose tread, or does not turn freely, replace both wheels. Always change the wheels in pairs to reduce uneven wear.

New load rollers have an outside diameter of 3"(L-50), 2"(L-50 mini), and 1 3/4" (L-50 CHEP). If the diameter is worn more than 1/4" from its normal size, replacement is necessary.

Load wheel brackets -
Inspect the brackets for cracks or wear from prolonged rubbing on the floor. Check for out-of-round axle holes and inspect the bushings closely (see Bushing Inspection). If any of the above conditions exist, replace the brackets.

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