Monday, November 24, 2008

Pallet Jack Steer Wheels Inspection Tips

Steer wheels should not have flat spots or large pieces of metal imbedded in them (i.e. tacks, nails or metal shavings). Chips in the wheel, which keep it from rolling smoothly, indicate the need for replacement. Steer wheels should turn freely. They should not rub the bottom of the traverse. If they do, check for the correct installation of the snap ring under the traverse. If the wheel is worn more than 1/4" from the normal outside diameter, replacement is necessary.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everything About Bushings

Bushings are designed to wear out sooner than the mating parts. They are made of softer material and are expendable. It is recommended that anytime the jack is torn down to a point where the bushings are accessible, that they should be replaced. This will ensure longer life of the jack and will reduce the amount of downtime. Bushings are very inexpensive and it is cost-effective to change them regularly.

Tip:If bushings are cracked, broken, egg shaped or worn more than 1/16" from the original size, replace them.

Remember, if the jack is already disassembled, replace all accessible bushings.

Tip: Coating axles and bushings with anti-seize compound before installation makes maintenance easier.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Axles Inspection Tip

If the axle is bent, out-of-round, or shows signs of wear, replace it. Check for worn roll pin holes. If these are damaged or worn, replace the axle. Check out to find quality replacement axles for the major makes and models of pallet jacks.